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Terms of payment

The main service provided by our company is short-term accommodation шт Minsk. In order to use this service, you need to choose and book the apartment you like.

For this follows:

  1. Select the dates of arrival and departure, choose your favorite option and tariff plan;
  2. Get booking confirmation to your email address;
  3. Make an advance payment (if necessary) according to the chosen tariff plan;
  4. Apartment is booked;
  5. Payment of accommodation is possible: MasterCard, Visa, cash, cashless payment.

Prepayment procedure

If you have chosen a prepaid rate, we will contact you shortly. You can make a prepayment by following the link sent to you or by paying to our bank account by invoice. 

Tariff Plans

Prepayment procedure

If you have chosen a prepaid rate, we will contact you shortly. You can make a prepayment by following the link sent to you or by paying to our bank account by invoice. 

Money Refund Procedure

In case of cancellation / no-shown / dates change – PAYMENT WILL NOT BE RETURNED!

Information on the provision of services:

At the time agreed with you, the manager of our company will be waiting for you at the apartment. On the day of the settlement you will receive the keys from him. Payment for the accommodation up on arrival to the apartment (minus pre-payment). Payment is not refundable if you decide to leave the apartment before the scheduled date.

Rents include:

Sleeping and room accessories: bedding, towels, iron, ironing board, etc. Hot, cold water, calls around the city (city numbers). Once a week there is a cleaning service in the apartment with the replacement of towels and bed linen. Additional cleaning is possible upon your request and for an additional fee 25 BYN. There are no additional payments for renting an apartment.

Standard time for check-in and check-out:

Check-in 14.00
Check-out 12.00

We always coordinate with you the exact time of your arrival and departure from the apartment, early check-in and late check-out are possible.

Additional information and conditions

  1. In Minsk apartments hot water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes in the summertime it is turned off for prevention (check with the manager). But all of our apartments have boilers (see the description of the apartment), so we guarantee its availability for the entire duration of your stay.
  2. All apartments are equipped:
    • Bedrooms with clean linens;
    • Kitchen with all necessary appliances (pots and pans, glasses, everything you need for cooking) and appliances (fridge, gas stove, microwave, electric kettle, some apartments have a toaster, coffee-cooking, dishwasher);
    • Living room with cable TV, DVD, music center, air conditioning or fan, iron and so on (see the description of apartments).
    • Bathroom with bath or shower, equipped with a boiler and washing machine. We provide clean towels for all customers. In each description of the apartment from our database you can see detailed information about the presence of household appliances in it.
  3. All our apartments are located in the center of Minsk. They are safe, in the entrances is code locks.
  4. In each apartment, regardless of class – iron doors and several secure locks. 
  5. It is forbidden to make noise from 22.00 to 9-00. Your neighbors have the right to call the police if you break public rules. In the event of a violation of public rules, which caused the arrival of the police, you will need to immediately leave the apartment, in this case you will not be refunded for accommodation.
  6. Extension of stay must be agreed with the manager who inspired you. Your stay does not automatically grant you an extension. As a rule, on the day of your eviction, we reserve an apartment for the next client. Whenever possible, we primarily consider your interests. We can always find a similar apartment for you.
  7. After checking into the apartment, please make sure that nothing is broken and everything works. On the day of your departure, our manager will check the condition of the apartment and pick up the keys. In case he discovers any malfunctions caused by your fault, you must pay for the damage caused. Usually this does not happen, but we ask you to be careful and careful in the apartment.
  8. It is forbidden to smoke in the apartment.
  9. On the day of departure: clean up the garbage and wash the dishes, turn off all electrical appliances, close the water and windows. We will be grateful to you.
  10. Do not turn on the boiler yourself ! If there is no hot water please contact us.