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Apartments in Minsk. Center of the city. VIP apartments in Minsk. Luxury flats in the hart of Minsk. Here you will find the best prices for our apartments. Check and book availability on-line.

Для Вашего удобства каждая квартира на сутки в Минске (снять квартиру на сутки в Минске) отмечена маркером на карте Минска, с помощью которой Вы сможете определить месторасположение квартиры посуточно в Минске относительно центральных улиц и популярных мест столицы.


1. How to book an apartment?

For booking an apartment, choose the dates of arrival and departure, choose the preferred option and the tariff plan, if necessary, make a prepayment.

2. How to make an advance payment for booking an apartment?

You can make an advance payment for booking an apartment:

1) in cash;

2) make a transfer to our current account,

3) through the on-line payment by card(we will send you a link for payment by card).


3. How to pay the cost of apartment rental?

Payment for the apartment is accepted in cash or by card, by bank transfer to our bank account. Payment should be done on the day of check-in.

4. Do you provide the necessary accounting documents?

Yes. We provide all the necessary accounting documents for the report for renting an apartment.

5. Does the cost of renting an apartment depend on the number of guests?

The cost of renting an apartment does not depend on how many people will stay in it. The maximum possible number of guests is indicated in the description of each apartment.

6. What is the standard time of arrival and departure?

Check-out time until 12.00

Check-in from 14.00

Early check-in and late check-out are possible. On individual agreement in each case.

7. Do I need to pay in advance for booking an apartment?

It depend on the tariff you choose.

For standart rate prepayment is not required.

For the rates with prepayment – minimum 1 night prepayment is required (depends on the tariff chosen by you). The prepayment is not refundable in case of cancellation, change dates of stay or no-shown. Advance payment is possible in cash, by bank transfer to our bank account or by payment online.

8. Do you provide registration for foreign citizens?

Yes, we make registration for foreign citizens:

Tourist visa – free of charge;

Private and business visas – 25 BYN per person (government fee)

The guest together with us should visit the Citizenship and Migration Department (for private and tourist visas).

9. How is check-in going on? How to pick up the keys?

Tell us your arrival time to the apartment and we will meet you at this time at the address of the booked apartment with the keys and necessary documents.

10. Are your apartments located in the center of Minsk?

Yes, all our apartments are located in the historical center of Minsk within the borders of Lenina str., Nezavisimosty ave, Internationalnaya str., Gorodskoy Val str, Romanovskaya Sloboda str., Pobediteley Avenue, Karl Marx str, Engelsa str.

This is the heart of Minsk, in the area of ​​these streets there are hotels “Europe”, “Minsk”, “President-Hotel”, “Crown Plaza” and others.

11. Do you arrange a transfer from the airport?


The driver will meet you at the airport with a sign and take you directly to the booked apartment. Transfer from/to airport costs 55 BYN.

12. Are the all apartments fully equipped?

The apartment fully equipped for a comfortable stay: towels, bed linens, hairdryer, internet wifi, TV, shampoo, soap, shower gel, microwave, spoons, forks, knives, necessary utensils, cups, plates, gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine, kettle.

13. What is included in the price of the apartment?

Bedroom and bathroom accessories: bed, towels, iron, ironing board, etc.

Hot, cold water, electricity, Wi-Fi, calls around the city (city numbers).

Weekly cleaning in the apartment with the replacement of towels and bed linens. Additional cleaning is available on request and additional cost.

There are no additional payments for renting an apartment.

14. Is there an internet connection in the apartment?

All our apartments have free internet (WiFi).

15. Is it possible to check in at night?

Yes. It does not matter how late you arrive to Minsk. Just inform us in advance the time of your arrival and we will meet you near the apartment. We work 24/7.

16. How to return the keys from the apartment?

At the agreed time, the manager will come to take the keys or you can drop it to the mailbox

17. Do you return the money if I decide to leave earlier?

It is solved in each individual case. As a rule, we keep amount for 1-2 nights.

18. If i broken something, what to do?

In the event of damage just let us know.

19. Don’t have water or electricity? What to do in this case?

In this case, call our 24-hour customer support number +375299383816. We will try to solve these problems as soon as possible.

Should not do anything by yourself.

20. Can I invite guests in the apartment?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that after 10 pm, noise is prohibited.

21. Can I bring an animal with me?

It is possible by prior agreement. An additional fee may be charged.

23. Is it possible to provide a baby cot for a small child?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

24. Is it possible to order the purchase of products?

Yes. It costs 30 BYN for service + bill from the store. You can send us List of products by mail.

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Аренда квартир посуточно в Минске


Как бы там ни было, с «minsklux» у Вас будет на одну проблему меньше – «где остановиться в Минске ?» Мы предлагаем Вам самый удобный и экономный вариант решения проблемы с жильем на сутки в Минске – забронировать и снять квартиру на сутки (посуточно) в Минске

Terms of payment

The main service provided by our company is short-term accommodation шт Minsk. In order to use this service, you need to choose and book the apartment you like.

For this follows:

  1. Select the dates of arrival and departure, choose your favorite option and tariff plan;
  2. Get booking confirmation to your email address;
  3. Make an advance payment (if necessary) according to the chosen tariff plan;
  4. Apartment is booked;
  5. Payment of accommodation is possible: MasterCard, Visa, cash, cashless payment.

Prepayment procedure

If you have chosen a prepaid rate, we will contact you shortly. You can make a prepayment by following the link sent to you or by paying to our bank account by invoice. 

Tariff Plans

Prepayment procedure

If you have chosen a prepaid rate, we will contact you shortly. You can make a prepayment by following the link sent to you or by paying to our bank account by invoice. 

Money Refund Procedure

In case of cancellation / no-shown / dates change – PAYMENT WILL NOT BE RETURNED!

Information on the provision of services:

At the time agreed with you, the manager of our company will be waiting for you at the apartment. On the day of the settlement you will receive the keys from him. Payment for the accommodation up on arrival to the apartment (minus pre-payment). Payment is not refundable if you decide to leave the apartment before the scheduled date.

Rents include:

Sleeping and room accessories: bedding, towels, iron, ironing board, etc. Hot, cold water, calls around the city (city numbers). Once a week there is a cleaning service in the apartment with the replacement of towels and bed linen. Additional cleaning is possible upon your request and for an additional fee 25 BYN. There are no additional payments for renting an apartment.

Standard time for check-in and check-out:

Check-in 14.00
Check-out 12.00

We always coordinate with you the exact time of your arrival and departure from the apartment, early check-in and late check-out are possible.

Additional information and conditions

  1. In Minsk apartments hot water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes in the summertime it is turned off for prevention (check with the manager). But all of our apartments have boilers (see the description of the apartment), so we guarantee its availability for the entire duration of your stay.
  2. All apartments are equipped:
    • Bedrooms with clean linens;
    • Kitchen with all necessary appliances (pots and pans, glasses, everything you need for cooking) and appliances (fridge, gas stove, microwave, electric kettle, some apartments have a toaster, coffee-cooking, dishwasher);
    • Living room with cable TV, DVD, music center, air conditioning or fan, iron and so on (see the description of apartments).
    • Bathroom with bath or shower, equipped with a boiler and washing machine. We provide clean towels for all customers. In each description of the apartment from our database you can see detailed information about the presence of household appliances in it.
  3. All our apartments are located in the center of Minsk. They are safe, in the entrances is code locks.
  4. In each apartment, regardless of class – iron doors and several secure locks. 
  5. It is forbidden to make noise from 22.00 to 9-00. Your neighbors have the right to call the police if you break public rules. In the event of a violation of public rules, which caused the arrival of the police, you will need to immediately leave the apartment, in this case you will not be refunded for accommodation.
  6. Extension of stay must be agreed with the manager who inspired you. Your stay does not automatically grant you an extension. As a rule, on the day of your eviction, we reserve an apartment for the next client. Whenever possible, we primarily consider your interests. We can always find a similar apartment for you.
  7. After checking into the apartment, please make sure that nothing is broken and everything works. On the day of your departure, our manager will check the condition of the apartment and pick up the keys. In case he discovers any malfunctions caused by your fault, you must pay for the damage caused. Usually this does not happen, but we ask you to be careful and careful in the apartment.
  8. It is forbidden to smoke in the apartment.
  9. On the day of departure: clean up the garbage and wash the dishes, turn off all electrical appliances, close the water and windows. We will be grateful to you.
  10. Do not turn on the boiler yourself ! If there is no hot water please contact us.
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Where to stay in Minsk?

Where to stay in Minsk? Rent apartment in Minsk or a hotel?

Rent an apartment in Minsk for a day!

The question: “where to rent an apartment in Minsk for a day?” Is resolved in two aspects: territorial and qualitative. The article describes the zones of Minsk according to the criteria of proximity to the socio-administrative, historical or commercial and business center of Minsk. The second part of the issue is about choosing between a hotel and an apartment in Minsk.

Rent an apartment in Minsk for a day is a very convenient and profitable option of accommodation.

To rent an apartment in Minsk without intermediaries booking and airbnb is possible on our website We will have the best prices for our apartments.

Rent an apartment in Minsk VIP repair, in the center of Minsk, without intermediaries, with two bathrooms, parking, kitchen, wi-fi, 1-2-3 bedrooms – ON-Line booking.

Our house is where we rest soul and body. And God grant that this house was in our house. Ishkhan Gevorgyan

Departing on the road and saying goodbye to the house, we always try to imagine our new, temporary house in advance. And we sincerely hope that in it we will also be able to relax with our soul and body. This should be taken care of in advance.

Therefore, when planning a trip to the capital of Belarus, first of all it is necessary to decide for yourself the question: where to stay in Minsk? Rent an apartment in Minsk! This question can come before us in two foreshortenings. First, in the territorial (where in Minsk to stay?), Secondly, in terms of conditions and quality of residence (rent an apartment in Minsk or book a hotel room?)

The first question (where to stay specifically in Minsk?) Should be resolved based on the budget and interests. If the interest is purely tourist (sightseeing in Minsk, visiting popular places), it is better to rent an apartment in the center of Minsk or in its central part.

The center of Minsk is the central part of the two main avenues of the capital – Independence and Winners, as well as streets that are within walking distance from these highways. Streets of Lenin, Karl Marx, Engels, Romanovskaya Sloboda, Krasnozvezdnaya, Sverdlov, Kirov, Myasnikov, Yanka Kupala, Kiseleva, Zakharova, Communist, International, Frunze is the territory of the city’s public administrative center. This part of Minsk is a unique example of Stalin and Soviet architecture (mainly the so-called “Stalin Empire”). It is unique in that all the buildings in the city center, built at different times, have a unity of architectural style.

The central part is about 3 kilometers long. It stretches along Independence Avenue (formerly Skaryna Avenue). Here are the famous city buildings: GUM, the KGB building, the circus, the Palace of Trade Unions. This unity was the main reason why UNEXO decided to consider the center of Minsk as a candidate for inclusion on the World Heritage List. Unfortunately, Unesco’s plans were not destined to come true. In 2002, the Minsk authorities decided to build protective roofs over pedestrian crossings near GUM. Roofs with their modern design destroyed the unity of the composition of the Minsk center. Minsk did not receive registration in the UNESCO list.

The district of the beginning of the Pobediteley Avenue and the streets of Gorodskoy Val, Nemiga, Bogdanovicha, Storozhevskaya, Starovilenskaya, Kommunisticheskaya, Revolyutsionnaya is considered the historical center of Minsk, as many sights of the period of the city’s early development survived. Namely: Town Hall (the present building is a copy of the old town hall of the 18th century, demolished in 1861, built in the 1990s); The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (1642-1687, the end of the XIX century, rebuilt from the former church at the Bernardine monastery); Catholic church of the Virgin Mary (1700-1710) of the former Jesuit monastery; The remains of the ensemble of the female and male Basilian monasteries of the Holy Spirit (XVII century); Trinity suburb with building of the XIX century – a corner of ancient architecture – one of the favorite places for rest of Minsk citizens and guests of the capital.

But the district of Yakub Kolas Square (Yakub Kolas Street, Vera Khoruzhei, Kuibyshev, Kulman, Maxim Bogdanovich) is usually called the trade and business center of Minsk, as in this part the largest market of the city is located – Komarovsky, as well as several large shopping centers (” Parking “,” Impulse “,” Mirror “), Central universal store, as well as a large number of specialized stores.

Rent an apartment for a day in the center of Minsk can cost an equivalent of $ 30 (rent one-room apartment in Minsk for a day) – $ 125 (rent an apartment in Minsk with two bedrooms and two bathrooms). Rent an apartment in Minsk on the street. Lenina will cost from $ 50 per day – this will be a two-room apartment. Rent one-room apartment is possible from $ 40 per day in the area of ​​Lenin Street.

However, the good transport infrastructure of Minsk allows you to save the budget (renting an apartment from $ 30 per day in the Center of Minsk). You can choose a good option, not in the center, but in the central part of the city, which is usually limited to the first city ring (the border passes along Surganova Street – Orlovskaya Street – Pushkin Prospekt – Zhukova Avenue – Aerodromnaya Street – Denisovskaya Street – Vaneeva Street). This zoning, of course, is very conditional, and when choosing the location of its location, it is still necessary to focus on the metro line.

However, if Minsk represents a specific business purpose for the traveler, then the stopping place can be chosen based on a zone of specific interests. It is interesting to know that at present the territory of Minsk is divided into 9 administrative districts. The largest is the Frunzensky district, in it – the new residential areas of Sukharevo, Krasny Bor, Medvezhino. Leading scientific institutions are located in Pervomaisky district. The city’s air gates (Airports 1 and 2), as well as the railway and central bus stations – in the Oktyabrsky district.

In the Zavodsky and Partizansky districts the largest industrial enterprises are concentrated (MTZ, MAZ, Bearing Plant, Motor Plant, etc.). The Sovietsky District is the famous Komarovsky market, the central department store (TSUM). The Moscow region is a district of the university, medical and pedagogical universities, it houses the Government House and the Minsk City Executive Committee. Leninsky district is the location of the residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the National Library, and the motor-breeze plant. In the Central area is located the old part of the city Troitskoe suburb, the cathedral, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Academy of Music (conservatory), the Palace of the Republic, the Palace of Sports. Depending on the proximity of the apartment to the center, the metro line and the living conditions, the rental price per day will start from $ 20.

But overcoming the issue of territorial location, we will face another question: “where exactly should you stay – in a hotel or in an apartment?”

Minsk hotels are quite diverse. As a rule, these are three-four-star hotels, such as “Belarus”, “Planet”, “Minsk” and others. The newly constructed hotel “Europe” belongs to the class of five-star hotels in Minsk and is one of the few institutions of this level. As a rule, Minsk hotels offer rooms of different classes depending on the price category: suite, junior suite, suite, and exclusive class. Also in five-star hotels there is a presidential suite.

Any saint could perform miracles, but only a few of them could support a hotel. (Mark Twain)

The art of maintaining a hotel is an art of catering to every guest … With this in mind, we present such an alternative to hotels as a service for renting apartments for a day in Minsk. Rent an apartment in Minsk – a very convenient and economical solution to the problem of housing. After all, you can rent an apartment in Minsk in any convenient area, while providing yourself with home comfort and the necessary freedom. You can choose your own apartment for a day based on the most modest budget and requirements.

The most affordable option – apartments for a day in Minsk without intermediaries “economy class” correspond to all the necessary parameters of comfortable housing and are located, as a rule, in the central streets of the city with convenient transport and entertainment infrastructure. If higher demands are placed on housing, it is possible to rent an apartment in Minsk “business class”. Such apartments are located in the very center of Minsk and meet the highest standards of quality finishes, furniture and technology. And for owners of the most pretentious taste, the best option is to rent an apartment in Minsk “luxury class”. This is the most comfortable apartments in the prestigious places of Minsk with author’s design and luxury elements. All variants of these apartments with detailed descriptions and actual photos can be found on the website of our company –

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